Magento : Migration to magento 1.8 2/2


I have tested the migration on my development system and now let’s migrate the production system ! See my previous article.

You will find below the steps of the migration:

  1. Activate the maintenance mode
    1. sudo -u www-data touch maintenance.flag
  2. Backup the magento directory and backup the database
  3. Activate the logging into the admin configuration
  4. Disable cron.php running into the crontab (crontab -e)
  5. Execute the migration to version 1.8 :
    1. ./mage list-installed
    2. ./mage upgrade-all
    3. chown -R www-data:www-data magento
    4. rm -rf magento/var/cache magento/var/full_page_cache magento/var/locks magento/var/session
    5. restart apache or nginx
    6. (if used) restart php5-fpm
  6. (if needed) Extract your template files into the magento directory
  7. (if needed) Modify your design
  8. Exit from the maintenance mode
    1. rm maintenance.flag

I had a problem with memcached and the restart of apache/nginx/php5-fpm has resolved the issue.

Note: I decline my responsability for any issue.

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