Magento : Upgrade from magento 1.8 to 1.8.1


I have just finished the migration to the version 1.8 and a new version 1.8.1 was just released ! I follow the same steps as I exmplained into the two previous articles : Migration to Magento 1.8 1/2 and Migration to Magento 1.8 2/2.

So I did a backup of the magento directory and the database from my production system and I restore all on my test system then I proceed with the upgrade.

After all migration, I am testing these functionnalities:

  • user inscription
  • checkout of an registered user
  • checkout of an new user and the inscription
  • paypal payment
  • biling, order creation
  • download of my photos

And when all is working, I am doing the upgrade on the production environment.

But this times, nothing was working as expected ! An http on my web site always redirects to the installation wizzard ! And proposed me to download the magento packages again ! and again ! 🙁 I think the problem was related to Mac OS X and I had taken the decision to migrate my test system on the server (under CentOS) where is running the production instance of magento. So It is important to have a development system identical to the production system.

You should not reproduce what I did : I had finally extracted the new magento version into the web site root directory !

# tar -xzvf magento-1.8.1.tgz ...

I was lucky and magento was still working ! Just a problem into the admin backend but not really critical : It was a problem from my code.

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