Magento Myapi_Myconf API : Create Configurable Product

I propose my module under license and with my module, you will be able to create configurable product pragmatically using your preferred development language (php, java, …) !

The module permits the creation of configurable product using the WSDL v1 and v2 API interface. The schema is WSL/WS-I compliant.

My module support multi-attributes and It was tested and working with at least two attributes.

The creation of configurable product is now simple :

  • soap v1 example :
$result = $client->call($session, 'conf_product.create', array('configurable',$attrset[1]['set_id'],$sku,$myproductData, $configurableProductsData, $configurableAttributesData));
  • soap v2 example :
$result=$proxy->MyapiProductCreate((object)array('sessionId' => $sessionId->result, 'type' => 'configurable', 'set' => $attributeSet->complexObjectArray[1]->set_id, 'sku' => $sku, 'productData' => $myproductData, 'confData' => $configurableProductsData, 'confAttrData' => $configurableAttributesData, 'store' => $mystoreid));

You will find source code examples into the module directory. You will find here the Soap v1 example.

My module is available under commercial license and licensed on the hostname.

The source code I have developed is protected by IonCube and licensed on the hostname & Public IP you will provide me.

Purchase steps:

  1. Click on the Paypal button
  2. Accept the license agreement
  3. Confirm your payment
  4. Important : Send me your Magento’s system Hostname & IP
  5. Download my module archive
  6. You will receive by email the license key
  7. Install the license into the module directory

I accept only paypal for payment.

The following licenses type are available :

License Type Price
Licensed on the Hostname & Public IP address (ex: / IP:
Licensed on the domain name & Public IP address (ex: * / IP:
Licensed on the domain name & No IP Restriction (ex: *
Remote Installation Assistance (2 hours max.)

Note: If you need an evaluation license for testing on your dev system, don’t hesitate to ask me and I will provide you an additional license valide 7 days and locked on your  hostname & IP. Send me an email.

Please read: By clicking on the Buy Now button, you accept my license agreement.


The installation instructions are available here.

Best Regards,
Nicolas Portais


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2 réponses à Magento Myapi_Myconf API : Create Configurable Product

  1. This extension is the missing piece to Magento. Creating configurable products is now possible
    by code and was never that easy before. It doesn’t matter if you’re using PHP or C# on your side.
    This tool works for all. By following the guidelines you will be impressed immediately.

    I have to thank Nicolas for the effort he put into creating this extension.
    But also for the support he delivered in the last few weeks.
    Two thumbs up !!!

  2. Andre Martins dit :

    Hello, could you send me a evaluation license?

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