Magento: Upgrating to version 1.9

The version 1.9 of magento is just released and I am tested the upgrade on my test system.

note: I will update this article during my upgrade

I have updated my test system using Magento Connect without issue.

I am testing now:

  • my Myapi_Myconf API module is working !
  • the checkout is working
  • the account creation is working

I have finally successfully updated the production system !

Minor issue detected:

  • My checkout template must be upgraded as the Checkout Progress is not showed but It is not critical has the checkout is working.

Update: this problem was related to my template: some informations were missing in my checkout.xml layout file..

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2 réponses à Magento: Upgrating to version 1.9

  1. lionel dit :

    can you share the details of the checkout progress fix? I’m running into the same issue!

    • admin dit :

      There was missing information into my template’s checkout.xml layout.

      You can compare it with the default checkout.xml file:

      # diff checkout.xml ../../../base/default/layout/checkout.xml

      If I remember, the following blocks were missing:

      One page checkout progress block
              <!-- Mage_Checkout -->
              <remove name="right"/>
              <remove name="left"/>
              <block type="checkout/onepage_progress" name="root" output="toHtml" template="checkout/onepage/progress.phtml">
                  <block type="checkout/onepage_payment_info" name="payment_info">
                      <action method="setInfoTemplate"><method></method><template></template></action>

      Hope it help !


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