Magento 2 : You can test the version under development

Magento 2 is still under development but It is functional and you can test it !

You can download it from GitHub:

Upgrade PHP and/or MySQL and follow the instruction.

I have installed Magento 2 into a virtual machine.

The installation is very easy :

git clone

Then run the setup Wizard.

Below a screenshot of the backend : The look and feel is different but It seems to be the same contents than the version 1.x :


The frontend is not yet working into my environment as you can see :


There is a big change into the magento2 framework and files and the migration of modules will not be easy.

You can check this article from Carrascal:

The final version is planned for mid-2016. So you can continue to use the Magento version 1.x !

Et voila,

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