Magento: Upgrading to version

As you have certainly seen, there is an upgrade from Magento version to

I have tested the upgrade using the mage command on my test environment : I had taken the precaution to disable the cache and the compilation … and my website no longer works ! 

I restore my backup and I will try the downloader upgrade !

Update 1 : Thru the downloader page, It is better and the majority of the package were upgraded but only one failed : Magento_Mobile :

CONNECT ERROR: Package community/Magento_Mobile failed: Package release 'Magento_Mobile' not found on server

Update 2 : I have downloaded the full Magento archive from the version and restored my files (modules, skin, config, …). I have got a blank screen when I tried to connect to the admin page. So I have enabled the debug mode and the error is saying that the Mage_Install_Controller_Router_Install class is not found.

In fact, this class comes with the SUPEE-5994 patch !

# sh

The installation of this patch fixes the blank page.

I have upgraded my production server following these steps :

  1. Backup your config, modules, skin : tar -cvf ../mymodules-prod.tar  app/etc/*.xml ….
  2. Extract the magento archive into an another directory: tar -xjvf magento-
  3. Extract your backup : tar -xvf ../mymodules-prod.tar
  4. Apply the patch : sh
  5. then you will need to recompile, reindex, refresh the cache.

I remember my advise : test it on a development system first !

Nicolas Portais
Author Photographer


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