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Magento: Compare two Magento themes (diff)

Actually explained into my previous article Magento : Do you have issue with your bundled product ?, I am updated my template using the RWD (Responsive Web Design) theme as reference. You will find below how to find quickly modified files : … Continuer la lecture

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Magento: Check your modified Magento class (diff)

If you override the Magento classes in app/code/local/Mage like me, you have certainly outdated classes after a version upgrade. Note : I don’t recommend you to override the Magento classes because you will have a lot of work during the … Continuer la lecture

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The Technical Aspect

Although this site is oriented photography, and before writing the first article on photography, I think you’ll be interested in the technical aspect. Technology used This site is written in Java. The photos are stored into a MySQL database for … Continuer la lecture

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